Information about how to register


This page describes how you register to the camp and any options you may want to buy.
Note! If you plan to register more than one participant, you have to register them with different email addresses.

How to register

  1. Start by clicking “Registration” in top menu.
  2. Choose the product “Registration to Star Camp 2021”, or our “Registration to Daycamp” product if you do not want to stay in our accomodation.
  3. Select your Gender, which Camp Week you like, and which Position you have.
  4. When you have chosen all above, you will see if there are any open positions to the camp for your chosen week and age (see “in stock”). Proceed by clicking “Add to cart”.
  5. You may also select some optional products by starting over at the “Registration” menu. These options can be ordered together with the registration to the camp, but they are also possible to add later on. Some optional products may even added after we open the registration… If you want to add them later, you login with the same username (email address) and password as given at initial registration (more info below).
  6. When the summer and Star Camp approaches, it will be possible to do more options, for instance if you want to rent a bed or join our trip to Liseberg etc. Star Camp will send out information about last day to order.

Complete your registration and payment

  1. When you are satisfied with all chosen products, click “View cart” or the small cart icon in the top right end of the manu row. The Cart shows all products you have selected. You may edit the list if something is incorrect (delete a row by clicking the red/white cross left to the row you want to remove).
  2. When you have reviewed the products and quantities in the Cart, click “Proceed to checkout”.
  3. You have to enter a couple of personal data to join the camp, and to be able to login later on.
    Note! Do not forget the registered email address and your password – you need them to be able to login and add more options later on.
  4. Enter your card details to perform the payment. Get help from an adult person with this step. (Note! We only accept registration with full payment via debit or credit card during the order checkout)
  5. Finally, click on “Place order” as the last step in your registration.
  6. When the order is placed, you will see a confirmation on the web page, and you also get a confirmation email to the given email address.

Add optional products at a later date

  1. Start by clicking “My Account” -> “Login/logout“. Enter your username (email address) and the password given at first registration. You will see your “personal” page where earlier orders are found, and your personal settings.
  2. Empty the cart if not empty, before selecting any new options. The products you have ordered earlier are stored, and will not be lost!
  3. Choose you optional products (f.i. rent a bed, trip to Liseberg or Laserdome etc.) from Registration in the menu, and place them in the Cart. Check the content of the Cart before proceeding to “Checkout”.
  4. Since you are logged in, all personal data in the checkout are already filled in!.
  5. Enter your card details and then “Place order” to finalise the order. You will again see the confirmation on the web page and via an email.

To register more than one participant

  1. To be able to register more than one participant, you have to register them with different email addresses.
  2. When the first participant is registered, you have to logout from “My Account”.
  3. Now, you start it all over for the next participant. You can enter the same data for you as a parent (if you like), but ensure that you use another email address. This new email address will be the username for the second participant, so do not forget which emails used for whom.
  4. We hope that you solve this issue by using work/private email, or your mother/fathers.

What happens after finished registration?

  • A confirmation email till be sent to the registered email address immediately after your registration and payment is done. Please have a look into your SPAM folder!
  • If you did not receive any email within an hour, you may have spelled your email address incorrectly. Please contact us at and add the participants name and the email address used for the registration. We will investigate why the email is lost.
  • Your order will have status “Processing” if you look into your “My Profile and Orders”. This is completely OK and means that you are confirmed and ready.